Tasteful Travel Experiences

Experiencing destinations through the sense of taste enables travelers to remember their journey for a lifetime.  The goal of my travel business is to focus on destinations, tours and cruises where travelers can experience the uniqueness of the place through culinary events, wine and beer tastings and local fare.   I believe that our most vivid memories are wrapped up with a sensory element.  What brings that moment back years later, is a sip of the deep velvet Barolo, the garlic infused bistro or the sounds of the opera… Presto!  We’re wandering the narrow streets of Venice in the moonlight again.

Let an Expert Create Your Tasteful Experience:

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  • Consult my list of Upcoming Experiences when you are selecting your next destination.  The tours and cruises listed offer unique opportunities for tasteful travel experiences.

 “A tourist sees a destination, a traveler EXPERIENCES it”Vista

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