Unique Events

Skyline on the Beach – Finalists

Had a look at the carving progress at sunset on Saturday.  The detail is had to capture, but here are a few that I thought stood out.  The artists are spraying their creations with glue mixed with water which is meant to protect them against wind damage.  A lot of the pieces have wires sticking up from the top to prevent seagulls from landing on them, which could be a real bummer.  A local boy scout troop gets to camp out on the beach all night to stand guard against anyone who tries to sabotage the sculptures.  Since the contest ends at noon today, I’ll provide an update later of the winning creations.


Amazin Walter and his yet untitled creation.


I’ll check on the title for this one.  The back side shows the rest of the hands and thumbs in great detail.


Randy explains that this shows a couple embracing inside a drop of water with chaos surrounding them.


This could win the People’s Choice award since it captures the feelings of many south Floridians.  The BSN (Bull S**t Network) is proclaiming “Oil on the Beach” with a bottle of suntan oil and flip flops nearby.  Need aerial photography to get it all in.


Dan, the sculptor from St. Louis with his nearly finished creation, “Writer’s Block”.  So far, he has my vote!

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