It’s my belief that to be an expert, one must sell what they know and what they are passionate about. While there are thousands of interesting places in the world to travel to, I’ve decided to focus my business on Europe, North America and the Caribbean. I’m especially equipped to create tasteful travel experiences and customized itineraries in these destinations, and they are also my favorite destinations.

I’ve been fortunate to travel in most countries of Western Europe and some in Eastern Europe as well. Wine lovers like me will especially enjoy the old world wine regions of Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and the lesser known wine areas in Croatia or Greece. Beer drinkers will of course love Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria and Great Britain. And each country in Europe can boast its own unique taste or special dish.  I love to include walking food tasting tours and market or cooking tours for travelers to learn more about the destination and the people.

Canada offers wide diversity of tastes from Pan-Asian to French cuisine and excellent wines produced in Quebec and Ontario. Scenic train rides, car trips, helicopter and bike rides are a great way to see the country.

It’s always a good idea to get to know your own country and the USA is full of remarkable places.  Obviously, the US offers majestic scenery, fascinating history and plenty of cultural opportunities, but there are also wonderful possibilities for travel experiences based on food, wine and spirits.  Certainly, we think of the shining stars of the food world like New York, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, New Orleans and Chicago. But think about exploring American food cultures like Bar-be-que, New England seafood, Tex-Mex, Southern cooking and Carolina Low Country and when combined with the scenery, the history and the culture there are suddenly hundreds of fabulous travel destinations.  Think Charleston, Memphis, Sante Fe, Maine, Savannah, Paducah, Houston, the Florida Keys, Philly, St. Louis, Portland, etc.  Hawaii and Alaska are two standout states that have their own unique culture (including food) not found in the other states and are, arguably, the most beautiful. Many states now are wine producers, so in addition to California wine country, we can visit Washington State, New York, Virginia or Michigan to do some serious wine tastings.

The Islands of the Caribbean are on the destination list because they each offer unique scenery and flavors for American travelers who enjoy the climate and don’t want to travel far.  Some of the islands are arid and dessert like while others are tropical rain forests and mountainous. The trick is to select the right island at the right time of year to have the vacation you are looking for.