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Dueling Cruise Ships

This weekend I had a chance to tour the Carnival Liberty in Miami and Celebrity’s Solstice in Ft. Lauderdale.  (One of the best parts of my job…)  With so many cruise ships afloat these days, you might think they’re all alike, but it’s just not true.  Although these two both sail a 7 day Caribbean itinerary, they each offer a unique experience for their guests.  I still can’t decide whether I wish I was sailing towards Grand Cayman aboard the sophisticated Solstice today or to Cozumel on the lively and colorful Liberty.  Either way, I don’t think I can loose.

On my Solstice cruise I would bring my husband and maybe some of our friends – or not.  We’d get a balcony suite or one of the spacious celebrity suites and hang out by the solstice adults-only pool or on the top deck playing bocce ball in our bare feet on the lawn.  At night we could bring a blanket up to the lawn and stretch out while the astronomist onboard tells us about the constellations.  Some nights after dinner we might take in the Broadway style show or the comedy club or maybe the live glass blowing demonstration. Our days would be busy in ports, but if we choose not to debark, we’ll have this whole ship to ourselves while everyone else goes ashore.




A balcony stateroom.



Celebrity suites are big enough for the whole family (if you choose to bring them.)

For my family vacation, I’d sail away on the Carnival Liberty.  Everyone from grandma to Joshua, my youngest great nephew, would have their own favorite thing to do or place to hang out on this multi-generational vessel.  We’d stay in a combination of adjoining balcony staterooms, suites and inside cabins across the hall.  Our family would join the other happy people onboard, having fun together and with fellow cruisers our own age.  The clever and colorful decor of the ship seems to put a smile on everyone’s face.  Kids and teens have their own places to play, swim and eat with their parents or with Carnival kids progam staff (available at no extra charge).  Adults also have their own relaxing pool area when they need a break from the kids.  We would all eat together in the dining room which serves kid and adult friendly food, but some nights we might split up with some adults enjoying the specialty steak house and another group choosing the hamburger grill.  We would spend the days at port or enjoying the live entertainment by the main pool on the ship. The whole family would participate in some of the trivia contests or other fun activities onboard, or take turns on the amazing water slide.  After dinner, the adults might spend some time at the entertainment venues located on the promenade deck – the jazz bar, the comedy club, the theater and the piano bar and then drag the kids away from their friends when its time for bed.



The piano bar of course.

 Carnival Liberty teen disco and the atrium ceiling that changes colors every few minutes:

Celebrity’s public spaces are light, open and spacious:

Each of these ships could fullfill a different vacation dream for me.  There’s a time for romance and a time for fun!

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