About Us

Hallberg Travel & Tours has been creating tasteful travel experiences for customers since 2006.  Are you a person who loves to travel and selects destinations or types of trips that you know will allow you to enjoy good food, wine, and spirits during your travel? For many of us, sampling the local flavors is a very big part of the journey and those sensory elements of taste and smell help us learn about new places and solidify the experience in memory for years to come.

A Tasteful Travel Experience, as I define it, consists of three things:

  1. A trip that is intentionally planned to enable the traveler to enjoy wonderful food, wine and spirits during their journey.
  2. Not only is the trip is enhanced by the special tastes, but the traveler gains understanding of a place and its people.
  3. The trip is relatively stress free with details worked out in advance so the travelers can make the best use of their time.

Learn more about me on the Meet the Expert page.  I hope you will contact me soon to discuss your dream travel experience in a tasteful destination.  Whether your travel style is independent, on a guided or hosted tour, on a cruise or if you’re traveling with a group, I will help you create your Tasteful Travel Experience!

Hallberg Travel & Tours